Obama supporters want us to pretend Obama is pro-israel #supportisrael #jcot #xcot #tcot #jlot

RRD:Of course that is not how I am supposed to title this post.I am supposed to say “Conservative groups refuse to sign pro-Israel pledge”.It was quite cleverly done,I’ll give them that.Conservative groups who are genuinely pro-Israel(and unlike the authors of the “Unity Pledge” not afraid to call out Obama) will be accused of not being willing to “put partisanship aside”,in a direct inversion of the truth.One need not become a Republican in order to support Israel,but you do need to be willing to criticize anyone who is unjust towards Israel,regardless of party affiliation.Pro-Israel Democrats,rightly, had no qualms about criticizing James Baker & Bush the first.

“Unity Pledge” for Israel Doesn’t Pass the Political Smell Test « Commentary Magazine http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2011/10/24/unity-pledge-israel-partisan-smell-test/


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