No,we should not have replaced Gaddafi with a group that includes Al-Qaeda sympathizers #tcot #twisters

Bachmann: Libya still a mistake – POLITICO Live – The Republicans and foreign policy –,0,954198.column ….”A recurring theme of this pre-election year has been the search for “the grown-up in the room.” As Moammar Gadhafi’s death vindicates President Obama’s Libya policy, his persistent critics are looking more like munchkins. I mean no disrespect to munchkins, by the way, wherever they may be on the map. “…. We are aiding our enemies in Libya.Demand a end to the Libya war now. – fightingstatism A interview with “reformed” members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group #no2sharia #tcot #tlot – fightingstatism Libyan leader:Don’t worry,Libyan rebels who fought US soldiers in afghanistan not Al-Qaeda – End US Involvement in Libya Former head of #alqaeda affiliated LIGF(current Libyan Rebel Military Commander) celebrates his victory #no2sharia #tcot #tlot – End US Involvement in Libya Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is ‘Principal Source’ of Laws The Associated Press: Exiled Libyan Jew says synagogue efforts blocked


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