Maybe Obama HAS BEEN reading Atlas Shrugged;he seems to have gotten ideas from Directive #10-289


RRD:  Obama’s commandments: 

1.Thou shalt not earn lesseth than thou previously earneth:It isn’t fair.(pout)

   2.Thou shalt not hoggeth all the jobs,by being willing to worketh more than one job:It isn’t fair.  

Of course the reality is that in a meritocracy it is quite fair to hold as many jobs as you want & can hold;(And in Obama’s America it is increasingly necessary,if you are able to find such work.)But Obama regards this as a archaic remnant from the B.O.E (Before Obama Era) ;from the old,tired,& worn out,”you’re on your own society”,not suited for HIS bright,shiny & new “We’re all in this together,(under My rule)society”.

  But,hey,pay no attention to me.I’m just one of those old(actually mid-30s),white-christan-racist(actually Jewish)males who would be cheerfully supporting Obama if only he was white. Sure.     

Dumb And Dumber –    …”Wage insurance: The bill would let states use unemployment funds to make up the difference between an over-50 worker’s previous wage and what he gets paid at his new job. Why not ? Isn’t it written in the Bill of Rights somewhere that no American shall ever be forced to take a job paying less than his previous one?”….   ….”Sued for hiring: How do you get jittery businesses to hire ? Threaten to sue them if they hire someone who already has a job! At least, that’s how the White House thinks. It stuffed in a provision to make it illegal to “discriminate” against the unemployed when hiring.”….


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