For the victims & survivors of the 7/07/2005 London bombing




RRD:I am posting this today because I will be otherwise occupied until the 10th,& may not have time to post this later.I think I speak for most Americans when I say you are in our hearts this seventh of July. Attached are creative-commons licensed photos of the 7/07 attack & the memorial. The links below are for attribution for the photos. User:Ellywa – Wikimedia Commons User:Hahnchen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Adam Stacey file:London-07.07.2005-trapped underground.jpg – Wikimedia Commons Other photos: Flickr: The London Bomb Blasts Community Pool Stories from The Guardian: Attack on London in pictures | Special reports |,,1524382,00.html Attack on London: eyewitness accounts | Special reports |,,1524278,00.html 7/7 London attacks: the victims | UK news | 12.06.06 Interactive. London bombs – July 7 anniversary | |,,1795996,00.html Attack on London: Tributes | Special reports |,,1526247,00.html Online memorial to the victims. London Bomb Victims Online Memorial |


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