The real face of Hizbul Tehrir;the “friendly Islamists” #gwot #no2sharia #tcot #pakistan

RRD:I cannot do justice to the essay with brief quotes,but I will outline the key points.

Asia Times Online :: The real face of Hizbul Tehrir

……”Those investigating Brigadier Ali Khan and several other senior officers of the Pakistan army for their HuT links say despite claiming to be a non -violent political party, the HuT had a violent jihadi agenda to overthrow the government and remove the military top brass. …..

…..” Pakistani intelligence sleuths responsible for monitoring HuT activities say the group is working in tandem with al-Qaeda under the garb of pan -Islamism. “….

….. “At the same time, Tayyab Muqeem, a London -based key HuT leader, declared in July 2009 that many HuT activists had been sent to Pakistan to bring about Islamic sharia by force. He claimed that HuT had successfully converted four senior officers of Pakistan army during their training at Sandhurst elite military training academy in the United Kingdom. According to an October 2010 report by the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, far from being deterred, the HuT has continued efforts to infiltrate the high echelons of the Pakistan army and Pakistani social elite. The report titled “Hizbul Tehrir in Pakistan: Discourse and Impact”, quoted Shahzad Sheikh, a Karachi-based HuT leader, as saying that the group had been persuading the Pakistan army to stage a bloodless coup to overthrow the government in Islamabad. “….

…..” According to Maajid Nawaz, a former HuT member now serving as director of the United Kingdom -based think-tank Quilliam, the menace of the HuT infiltrating the Pakistani armed forces was exported from Britain:

‘Hizbul Tehrir advocates violent overthrow of democratic states through military coups in order to enforce a single interpretation of Islam. Recruiting from the world’s Muslim-majority armies is a fundamental tenet of their call. Groups such as HuT do not seek to launch a mass movement; rather they specifically target the intellectual elite and the military apparatus of the countries in which they operate.”….

….” Once this sector is taken, a military coup can be staged by key officers sympathetic to the cause, who would in turn face minimal resistance from society.”…..

….”But the HuT’s tactics to achieve its objectives differ from place to place. For instance, the group had for some time followed the “keep your ideology in your heart” strategy in the United Kingdom, without vocally or tacitly supporting any of the violent acts being carried out by militants. But in Pakistan…. the group …….. extends its sympathies and support to militant groups that, according to HuT, are sincerely fighting to establish Islamic rule and strongly resisting the “nefarious designs of the infidels against the Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan”…….


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