NOTE TO PHILLIP KLEIN RE: Boehner;Incompetence & Cowardice are not “Realism”

RRD:First the excerpt,then my response: A deal conservatives should be happy about | Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner …..”To be sure, conservatives didn’t get much of what they wanted. They didn’t get $100 billion in cuts, or even $61 billion. Planned Parenthood won’t be defunded, neither will ObamaCare. And the EPA won’t be stripped of funding to regulate carbon emissions. But let’s get real. There’s a liberal president and a liberal Senate –House Majority Leader John Boehner cannot impose his will on the rest of the government. But he did use what leverage he had to get a lot more out of Democrats than they wanted to give up. Democrats didn’t want any spending cuts, and President Obama’s original budget proposed spending that was $78.5 billion higher than what was agreed upon tonight. “…. ….”Not only did Boehner extract these concessions from Reid, but he managed to get these cuts without going through the ordeal of shutting down the government. Boehner now looks like an honest broker and somebody who is reasonable –a big departure from the image of the petty Speaker Newt Gingrich during the 1995/96 budget battles. “….. ….” It’s important for conservatives to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire about spending, but it’s also important to be realistic about what can be done when the GOP only controls one chamber of Congress. “…. RRD:As I write this I am struggling to contain my rage.While Mr.Klein is babbling to himself about “being realistic”, political dissidents in Iranian prisons are being raped & tortured because they refuse to abandon their quest for freedom.It is true that there is no comparison between the gravity of the stakes in this budget battle & what they are fighting for,but when I read Klein make these noises about what is “possible”,I am struck by the unbelievable pettiness of his view of what man is capable of. Let’s go over the absurdities in Klein’s piece & dismember them one by one: 1….”To be sure, conservatives didn’t get much of what they wanted.”…. Mr.Klein what Conservatives (& Libertarians,& Objectivists)”wanted” was the immediate,full,unconditional repeal of Obamacare.That will not happen while Obama is still in office unless Republicans can get a sufficient number of Democratic defections.Given that fact the only reasonable course is for the GOP to wage a philosophical battle against the program while simultaneously seeking to repeal & weaken it through political means. As to the $100 billion in cuts that Conservatives suppposedly wanted.That PATHETICALLY LOW number is what the GOP “leadership” PROMISED to cut in their “Pledge to America” See: page 23. Pledge to America Note that it says:”We will”,not “We might”,”We’d like”,”We’ll consider”,or that “We’ll ask Harry Reid what is the most he’s willing to cut & say…Ok” Yet that is what Boehner did. Oh,did I mention the Pledge to America ALSO contains the Ryan Plan?And the vow to “Repeal & Replace” Obamacare? There are some who believe that the GOP leadership’s betrayal of it’s pledge is good(Though they don’t use,& may not even think,in those terms).They argue that by breaking their promise on the $100 billion the GOP will be better positioned to keep their promises on the Ryan budget plan.How do we know that the GOP will fight for the Ryan budget plan?Because they told us they would.Indeed they signed a Pledge to America vowing to …Oh …Nevermind. I have absolutely no reason to trust the GOP leadership.Breaking their promises really does not have the effect of making me trust them all the more. Back to Klein: 2. ….”But let’s get real. There’s a liberal president and a liberal Senate –House Majority Leader John Boehner cannot impose his will on the rest of the government. But he did use what leverage he had to get a lot more out of Democrats than they wanted to give up.”…. Oh God,where shall I begin.First “realism”,”being realistic” etc is the first refuge of the mediocrity. Second: …”Boehner cannot impose his will”…etc. Why not? The Democrats “imposed their will” by instructing Boehner that they would not agree to more than $38 billion dollars in cuts.He obeyed. Why couldn’t Boehner simply declare that the GOP would simply not accept anything less than $100 billion in cuts?For that matter why didn’t Boehner demand $500 billion in cuts? Or Demand the immediate elimination of all funding for Obamacare?Or does this magic only work for Democrats? Are we supposed to feign ignorance of what skilled,(skilled?semi-competent) negotiators do EVERY SINGLE HOUR AROUND THE GLOBE? Who should we believe?Boehner’s assertions ,or our lying eyes?If GM ordered you to pretend that Honda didn’t exist would you do so? But we are supposed to pretend that Boehner “got the best deal possible”?Based on what?Boehner’s claim?Reid’s claim?Is this a joke?Why stop there.Why not believe the clerk who tells you …”I can get the manager if you like..but he’ll tell you the same thing”…(before the manager comes & overrides the employee).Why not believe the car salesman who tells you that that is the.. “lowest he will go”…(before he runs after you). How many examples must I cite? 3.”But…what would you do…shut down the Government…” Of course. “But that would cost the Republicans the House!” Actually the last time the Government was shut down the Republicans gained seats.The political climate is,(if anything), more favorable to the GOP. 4.But…”Boehner now looks like an honest broker and somebody who is reasonable –a big departure from the image of the petty Speaker Newt Gingrich during the 1995/96 budget battles.”… He does?To whom?To me ,(& millions of Conservatives,Libertarians,& Objectivists) he looks like a coward and/or a fool.To some leftists he looks like a monster.To other Leftists a useful idiot.Who exactly is Klein referring to?And does it matter? Let’s have a test:Take the statement about how “reasonable” Boehner looks,now imagine it being said after Boehner betrays us over Obamacare & leaves “just the good parts” in.I can see it now:…”We ALL knew that a full repeal was unrealistic,we just need to make it work…”etc. No I really do not care how I “look” to anyone.I care about reality.The reality of debt.The,(soon to be) reality of Hyperinflation.The reality of betrayal. 5.”But …the media will demonize the Republicans”. You mean like when Reagan was portrayed as a senile fascist who wanted to blow up the world?He won two terms.The second a landslide.Bush.The same.The 2010 elections?The news media loooved the Tea Party,didn’t they? 6…..”But he did use what leverage he had to get a lot more out of Democrats than they wanted to give up.”… This is also known as the: …”You win whenever you force your enemy is to give up something he wants” …fallacy. No,you lose whenever you fail to get what you need. Did we “win” when the public option was removed from Obamacare?Will we “win” when Boehner leaves the “good parts”of Obamacare in the bill? After all the Dems wanted the public option.And they don’t want any part of the bill repealed.But they’ll be satisfied so long as the “good parts” (the prohibition against “discriminating” against those with pre-existing conditions),remain in effect.The rest will follow. Is a “victory” if our country hurtles towards bankruptcy at a one one thousandth slower pace?This a “Second Hander’s”(fn1) perspective(in which the truth is determined not by looking at reality,but how others FEEL about things) Who is being realistic in this debate?Those who declare that Boehner couldn’t have gotten a better deal?Or those who ignore the fact the GOP GAINED seats after the last shutdown?Or those who want us to believe that Boehner will keep his promises because he breaks his promises?Perhaps the “realists” are those who would consider it a “victory” if the Democrats give up even one penny?(Since they didn’t want to) Or maybe those who forgot that the GOP ran on,& won on,their Pledge to America,(that, and disgust with the Dems.)The pledge which they just broke. Maybe the “realists” are those who think that the purpose of a negotiation is NOT to do everything in your power to win as much as is possible for your side,but to ensure that “everyone doesn’t get something that they want”.(Because,after all, to do otherwise would be …”increasing the level of mutual distrust”..(fn2).Maybe the “realists” are those who think that what people think of the GOP is more important than warning,& educating people about the deficit;& fighting to reduce it. They aren’t of course.The “realism” of Klein is the inside-the-beltway fantasy world of a Second Hander.A fantasy world which will come crashing down on all of our heads. fn1. SEE: Second Handers — Ayn Rand Lexicon Also: Metaphysical vs. Man-Made — Ayn Rand Lexicon And: Please send Boehner a copy of “The Metaphysical vs. the Man-Made” by #aynrand Speaker Boehner: ‘This is the Best Deal We Could Get” #tcot #teaparty #tlot – fightingstatism fn2. See the bizarre: The PJ Tatler » Is Boehner our Sun Tzu?


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