Facebook has suspended the accounts of Abbas Goya & Nazanin Sedighi 2 Iranian #humanrights activists #iranelections #p2 #freeiran

Mr.Goya recently contacted me & other individuals to alert us to the situation,(I know Mr.Goya by Facebook, I do not know Ms.Nazanin Sedighi).I call for Facebook to explain exactly why their accounts were terminated,& to immediately investigate the matter to determine whether they have been falsely slandered by the Islamic Republic of Iran.I note that this event falls on the heels of the establishment of a Facebook cause demanding that Facebook stop terminating the accounts of pro-freedom Iranian dissidents

See here:


I encourage all of you to join this cause.

Here is a reprint of Mr.Goya’s note:

“I sent the following today in objection to disabling my account and other opposition activists on Facebook. You are encouraged to send a similar objection in order to fight the Islamic Republic and/or Mubarak’s thugs attempt to shut us down on Facebook. ________________________________ Subject: Strongest Objection for Disabling Political Activists Accounts: FB appears fallen into the Islamic Republic Terror attempt

Date: Saturday, February 5, 2011 2:55 PM

From: “Abbas Goya” To: info+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com, info+ll2ytb@support.facebook.com, appeals+y6adl7t@support.facebook.com, appeals+0rznxgs@support.facebook.com

To Whom It May Concern: This is to notify Facebook about my strongest objection for disabling at least Two Iranian known Human Rights activists’ accounts almost simultaneously, namely Abbas Goya (http://www.facebook.com/abbas.goya ) and Nazanin Sedighi. I am confident that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) agents, recently organized by its notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp as “Cyber Agents of the IRI”, is behind this. They have been able to abuse the shortcomings and/or bureaucracy of Facebook to implement this. Therefore, I believe that Facebook has fallen into their trap. Facebook has not provided what-so-ever explanation. The only emails I received by Facebook were notifications on disabling of the applications I created via my account, including Sakineh Ashtiani’s application. See attached NOTES below. However, Facebook provided nothing, absolutely nothing as to WHY my profile was disabled. Please reinstate Nazanin Sedighi and Abbas Goya accounts
immediately. This will also prevent the innocent accomplice of Facebook with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorist agents. A thorough, detailed explanation follows this note. Sincerely Abbas Goya

Read more at: Facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/notes/bas-gwya/mubarak-thugsislamic-republics -terror-agents-hands-off -humanist-activists-on-fac/501072232701

Internet: http://abbasgoya.com/1947

E-mail Facebook support with your messages here:






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