Egyptian Intellectuals Speak Out Against the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and its Slogan ‘Isla m is the Solution’ #Egypt #Jan25

….”In the recent Egyptian parliamentary elections, held November 9-December 9, 2005, the Muslim Brotherhood increased its presence in the parliament five-fold, receiving 88 seats, up from 15 in the 2000 elections. [1 The movement’s election slogan “Islam is the Solution” generated criticism both among reformist Egyptian intellectuals and among religious scholars from Al-Azhar. The intellectuals argued that politics and religion should not be mixed, and that the right solution for Egypt is not a religious slogan but practical scientific programs to increase the country’s production capacity. They stated that the slogan “Islam is the Solution” is reminiscent of slogans that were used in Iran, Sudan, Algeria and Afghanistan -slogans which led to oppression and poverty, and empowered the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. They further argued that the slogan runs counter to the Egyptian constitution, which stipulates equality between Muslims and Christians and prohibits discrimination on
the basis of religion. They said that, since the Muslim Brotherhood believes that disagreeing with it amounts to disagreeing with Allah, whoever opposes their views is necessarily opposing the will of Allah. Therefore, said the intellectuals, the Muslim Brotherhood slogan will both lead to civil war among Muslims and between Muslims and non -Muslims in Egypt. Religious scholars from Al-Azhar also criticized the slogan, arguing that use of the mosques for political purposes is reprehensible, since it is opposed to the word of Allah. The following are excerpts from writings by reformist Egyptian intellectuals and Egyptian scholars from Al-Azhar against the Muslim Brotherhood’s use of the election slogan “Islam is the Solution”


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