Update:Republican-Democrat “Gentleman’s Agreement” worse than feared #tcot #tlot #tpot

RRD:Has it not occurred to the fools in the GOP leadership that if the Democrats do not have the votes,(& they don’t,see footnotes 1 & 2),then there is no reason to make concessions to them?Indeed,given that the election results were a repudiation of the Democrats,there is absolutely no reason to make concessions even if they had the votes.Does anyone (including most of the Democrats making this argument),actually believe that Republicans were swept into office to punish them for “abusing” the filibuster?I doubt even Harkin & Udall are that far gone.Yet now,having been elected,(in part),because of outrage over Congress passing laws without knowing what was in them;what does the GOP Senate leadership do?They cut a deal to strip the right of Senators to demand that the bill be read aloud.
What right does the GOP “leadership” have to strip Senators of the right to READ THE BILLS ALOUD?!This is not why you were elected,Sirs.



Tom Harkin wary of filibuster deal – Manu Raju – POLITICO.com


….”The proposed changes would limit the number of executive branch nominations subject to Senate confirmation; make it more difficult for senators to anonymously block legislation or nominees; and end a stall tactic that lets senators force clerks to read aloud the complete text of a bill if the measure has been made public. The Senate leaders, Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Mitch McConnell, are expected to reach a gentlemen’s agreement that will let the GOP offer more amendments but limit filibustering on motions to begin debate. “…..

Further evidence

Schumer Outlines Rules Reform Deal, Democrats Divided


….”But a top Democratic Senate aide, whose boss supports rules reform, said that as of Monday “there were definitely not 51 votes for the constitutional option.” Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) hinted as much over the weekend.”…

[For Macaskill see below]

Show Me Progress:: Senator Claire McCaskill (D): a conversation with bloggers in Kansas City

http://blog.showmeprogress.com/diary/5583/senator-claire-mccaskill-d-a-conversation-with-bloggers-in-kansas-cityhnb b

Weigel : “There Are No Cooties to Be Had Between Republicans and Democrats.”


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