Important update on filibuster:Dems & #GOP may cut deal to let thru some “minor” nominees #tcot #tlot #tpot

RRD:I am inclined to suspect that the deal that the Dems & Republicans are on the verge of reaching was the actual goal of the Democratic leadership all along,(as I mentioned in my post “Save the Filibuster” ;see the link at the bottom of the post).If so,then than that,(plus the fact that the GOP leadership tends to be made up of suckers),means that any deal must be subject to the most intense scrutiny.
Are there any dangerous candidates hidden among this batch of “minor” nominees?Any that can help to institute censorship?Take over Domestic Security? We should not trust in the GOP leadership to watch out for our interests.

Senators look to reduce number of nominations as part of deal – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

Senate nears compromise on reforms – Manu Raju and Scott Wong –

The Associated Press: Top senators seek deal on rules for nominations

Save the Filibuster! #tcot #tlot #tpot « theneointellectual


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