An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen The Volokh Conspiracy #obamacare #tcot #tlot #tpot #repealit

RRD:Actually it might be closer to making people pay a fee,to pay the cost of protecting the country against
communicable diseases.But there seems to be no connection at all to the individual mandate to buy PRIVATE INSURANCE.Further,you cannot take the passage of a single law out of context.The context in this case being the reams,& reams of documents written by the Founders expressing their belief in property rights,Indivdual Rights,etc.Nor does the fact that the Founders disagreed on some issues,mean that anything goes in the way of Contitutional interpretation.Can anyone find any Founder who believed that the Federal Government can wipe out private gun ownership?Can anyone find a Founder who would support the view that NOT buying a private good,from a private company,falls under the Interstate Commerce Clause?Or that growing marijuana,for private use,in your own home,falls under the Interstate Commerce clause?And what of the view that growing wheat,yet not selling it affects Interstate Commerce?Do the Progressives who support such rulings ever worry about the implications of these
bizarre interpretations?If the State can compel you to sell wheat why can’t it also compel you to grow wheat?Or,for that matter,become a farmer?Why can’t it intepret the draft,to force prostitutes to service soldiers?If the meaning of the Constitution can be stretched so far why not?


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