The FCC just effectively instituted the #Disclose act by regulatory fiat #tcot #tlot #tpot #teaparty

The PJ Tatler » Congress? Supreme Court? Never heard of’em.

See here for more on the Disclose act & it’s dangers:

To those who still don’t get it;we are at war,(let me repeat that AT WAR),with this administration.First the FCC ignores Congress & the Courts to pass net neutrality,then the FEC ignores both the Supreme Court & the Congress to do,ILLEAGALLY,BY FIAT,what they cannot do through the law.
I am not interested in hearing any blather about “moderation”,or “bi-partisanship”.We are dealing with a ruthless fascist,who will attack Free-Speech itself to maintain power.
Barack Obama is our enemy.We need to do everything moral & legal to stop him,(the only possible exeception to the legal part would be non-violent civil disobedience,which would be moral under some circumstances,but not legal).


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