Arizona Shooting survivor who blamed right for shooting threaten’s #teaparty leader with death #gabriellegiffords #giffords #tcot #tlot #tpot

As I have mentioned earlier;we owe sympathy to the innocent victims of shootings,not worship.
No one was under any obligation to accommodate Reagan on Abortion,Tax cuts or anything else.No one is under any obligation to silently put up with verbal abuse,(much less threats),from people who are themselves victims.Whether Fueller is immoral,or unbalanced(& whether this was caused by the shooting),is irrelevant.

Michelle Malkin » Tucson Shooting Victim Charged for Death Threat to Tea Party Leader

Previously Fueller had smeared the right for the shooting,& bizarrely claimed the shooter had been exercising his “Second Amendment Rights” by committing the massacre.(Perhaps Fueller is as confused as to whether the First Amendment permits death threats.)

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