Some initial thoughts on Obama’s Tucson speech #gabriellegiffords #tcot #tlot #tpot #teaparty

Just listened to Obama’s speech.The narrative seems to have changed from “the Right’s incivility caused this violence”,to “the Right should be civil to honor the victims”,(I believe his words were “live up to”).(fn1)
No doubt people reading this will say “didn’t he say both sides should be civil?”
Of course,and those unfamiliar with Obamaspeak will of course take this to literally MEAN both sides.In fact “both sides”,is Obamaspeak for Republicans.You think I’m joking?
In the aftermath of the shooting it was Liberals who struck first.It was Liberals who,with no evidence whatsoever,spread this lie,(not all Liberals spread the lie,but all the lies were spread,initially,by Liberals.Only after the intial wave of smears did some on the Right try to argue that the shooter was a Liberal). The victims of the smear campaign were all on the Right.
So how can both sides show “civility”,when those who have exploited this horror,& smeared innocent people are on only one side.
Over the past five days I have witnessed one of the most vile examples of naked political opportunism that I have ever seen,and both the perpetrator & the victim should show restraint?(fn2)

Of course all of this is a form of moral equivalency,as are all these calls for “civility”,rather than Truth & Justice.
If a statement is false,or unjust,then it should not be said because it is false or unjust,not because it is “uncivil”.
By contrast, if someone you condemn deserves condemnation ,then it would be unjust to not condemn them over a misplaced concern for “civility”


(Obama said a simple lack of incivility did not cause this,presumably implying that it played a role,though there is zero evidence of that)



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